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Wellsview - SKILLS Practice

 For Holistic and Integrative Mental Health

Each of us holds unique form as humans. ... we are all in unique places and yet find we need each other more than we may know.

Wellsview Mind is intended to serve young lives, families and caregivers.

We are dedicating services under the name of Wellsview SKILLS ACADEMY to specifically and intentionally teach and practice skills of Dialectical Behaviorial Therapy (DBT), and also practices grounded in ancient Daoist philosophy/East Asian Medicine (EAM) as well as Native American cultural teachings too. These cultures and disciplines are integrated here, and are offered by a fully accessible team of Integrative Health and Psychology professionals.


This program foundationally rests on a DBT style of mental health therapy.  Clients learn skills and practices to move through the phases and situations that naturally arise in life.  We learn and celebrate each season and develop our observations of the phenomena of our environments. In focusing on the phenomena, there is no room for story!

Story is for Story-time then, and we may tell more stories... understanding they are simply stories! Of course there is a special place for all the stories - especially those that serve others.... 

With the programs and classes at Wellsview, we learn to "count to 5" in East Asian numberology (One=Oneness, Two= yin/yang, Three=movement, Four=the four directions, and five=the five seasons/movements of the universe). We also dedicate ourselves to practicing  Mindfulness (some here call is mindlessness too.) We become present to each other and ourselves. 


We learn to "walk" a new (hybrid) circle that integrates Native American practices, Daoist understandings, and works within the wisdom of DBT teachings too. Did we say we do it together, in nature, with all the emotions that show up! 

We learn East Asian Medical theory, Native American teachings and Western DBT Psych practices to tend our "emotional hygiene", cultivate successful interpersonal relationships, and change our stress reactions,  with special coping techniques. We take care of ourselves first and foremost with dedicated skills in our individual and group mindfulness sessions.

Through it all we seek to grow a lasting community of presence and practice and support to develop and give back within our local community, and/or take home and spread with lightness there. Wellsview is your community for hope and light, justice and action too. 

We hope you will Join us. 


Our Story

This page is under construction. Please look back later to learn more about these programs and classes coming in the fall of 2024. 

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