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Comprising several parcels of natural landscapes in and around Annapolis, Maryland, Wellsview is open to the public seven days per week for indoor and outdoor activities for intergenerational participants. Opened in 2012 as a health center for holistic and integrative health - rooted in nature and awareness for alignment with each season. 


Our indoor spaces communicate peace and invite our guests to breath and relax more deeply. Our outdoor spaces similarly inspire visitors to visit and maybe even invest their time for community programs. 



Our Work

by appointment - receiving guests for services in mind/body/spirit.

interdisciplinary classes / ed programs  (nature, plants/herbs, foods, mind, East Asian culture and medicine, mindfulness, movement, ....

caring for self and others... since we really are all connected...

Our Initiatives



healthcare/(plants/foods/clean water)



ways of being, 

ways of doing

ways of thinking? 

ways of speaking...

grounded in presence, connection and together/community


Our Practitioner's Blog

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