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Customized Herbal Care

There are a lot of folks 'out there' pushing product and telling you what to take and do each day. We take a kinder, gentler approach at Wellsview, and still it is evidence-based too! Our Herbalists have decades of experience. Overall, we want to nourish your Kidneys... not tax them with heavy loads of supplements and herbs. We will help you know what is effective and educate your decisions for your care. We are here to answer your questions or concerns by appointment in a private one-to-one conversation. 

We also offer great ways to just connect with the plants and herbs. Join us for community gardening days, herbal duets and drop-in events like "herb of the week" to learn to tend yourself well in safe and delightful aspects of plant medicine.
Your Wellsview Herbalist awaits your visit! What questions do you have for us?


One to One Herbal Consults

East Asian and Appalachian traditions in herbalism offer amazing, available, affordable and  effective ways to tend ourselves. Nature really does provide our best medicine. Our bodies inherently know what to do with herbs, and safely.  At Wellsview, we take your health concerns seriously and we seek best outcomes. Whether you choose raw, concentrate, tinctures, or granules, we are here to tailor herbal blends so they match your concerns precisely within the comprehensive system of medicine we call East Asian Medicine and in alignment with more recent Western forms of Herbalism too.  We believe in transparency: our labeling identifies the client, the date it was prepared, as well as the ingredients and meets US FDA Standards accordingly.

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Herbal Dispensary & Education

Wellsview maintains a full herbal dispensary with over 400 organic raw herbs, and several private label brands of tinctures, concentrates, and granule formed herbs. We stock organic and sustainable raw herbs, tinctures and granular formulas too. We source fully lab tested and the finest qualities of herbs available. Your custom formula is here for you - lets meet in a 1-1 herbal consult soon.

Please also join us for special classes and events to learn more about making bitters, lotions, tisanes and even wonderful tasting mock-tails!  Learn to tend yourself with connecting with herbs and become more skilled with your home herbal care.

herbs in dishes sstck_75828.jpg
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