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Wellsview's "Blooms"  is a local sustainable flower CSA (Community Support Agriculture) initiative! Join us today.  
Do you enjoy flowers?
        Become a "BLOOMS" Member at Wellsview and receive
six (6) beautiful, local flower arrangements with flowers from Wellsview's botanical sanctuary. Memberships are on sale now.  
       With your membership you'll receive the dates for your pickups at the Center.  The first pickup of each spring season will include a beautiful 'keepsake' quality vase. The other following five bouquets will be arranged to fit perfectly in that vase.  We anticipate a near monthly delivery beginning June/July and extending into the fall of the year. Pickups will be conveniently available on weekends at Wellsview's Green Shed.
      Your membership primarily supports this annual botanical adventure and Wellsview's vision for a native botanical (flowers and herbal) sanctuary at our Annapolis location.  We're inventorying existing plants, setting goals for botanical conservation and adding "at risk" natives, growing medicinal herbs and beautiful flowers. We welcome volunteers to work with us too of course... and you're an amazing supporter of the vision when you subscribe as a BLOOMS Member!   
       Sign up here, or on our website (wellsviewcottage.com), and get your unique monthly bouquets - Six ( 6) in all - through spring/summer/fall! Questions?  Give us a call: (410-266-5608)
       Thank you for your support! We hope you'll enjoy the natural beauty of the flowers this summer.



    This is a subscription membership for six (6) bouquets  made available for pickup at Wellsview through the spring/summer/fall seasons. See description above.  Any questions, please call 410-266-5608.


    No Refunds.

    Pickups happen at Wellsview:  Annapolis.


    There is no shipping or delivery of these bouquets. Members will be advised when pickups are available, six times through the growing season.

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