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Vibrational Health & Sound Massage

Relieve tension, quiet the mind/body, settle your nerves, provide ritual, offer a creative outlet, and experience inner harmony.


Sound Massage in the style of Peter Hess

The signature Himalayan handcrafted bowls are precision tuned and tested for appropriate use on our (full clothed) human bodies. Experience a new depths of gentle relaxation with a sound massage.  

Sound Baths & Gong Baths

A simple safe way to manage the stressors and other emotions of your days. Lay back on your mat and just listen for the hour. (& it's okay to snooze out - that's a vibrational contribution too!). Join our monthly Bath at the Cottage

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woman getting treatment. Acutonic relax massage and sound healing. Tuning forks.jpg

Biofield Tuning

Also known by some as 'acutuning' wtih the use of specail tuning forks designed for nourishing and changing our physical energetic fields. 

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