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Mindful Eating & Movement for Your Best Health!

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Join us for "True Forks Tiny Bites" series this Fall!

Small bites of wisdom from Wellsview practitioners while you enjoy a beverage from our Cafe! 

Oct. 7

Oct. 14

Oct. 21

Oct. 28

Nov. 18

Save the dates! 

Join Wellsview's

True Forks Spring Cohort in January 2024

Want to know how this unique integrative health program can support you to make effective lifestyle changes?  Send us an email and we'll send you more information and find a time to meet if you like to learn more. 


Fall Cohort 2023 Begins soon!

Stay tuned for the Fall cohort schedule

TRUE FORKS is Welllsview's health coaching program designed for you to improve your relationship with food, embrace self care, and take next steps towards creating lasting ease and well-being in your body.


TRUE FORKS brings nutritional concepts, integrative health, mindful eating, and movement into your life gently over time. Every Saturday you’ll discover new skills within a welcoming circle of people also seeking proven approaches to greater health and wellness. You’ll gain fresh perspectives plus opportunities to clarify your personal wellness vision, set realistic goals, and share solutions to obstacles with other participants. Between sessions, you'll explore and practice multiple evidenced-based actions at home, including holistic nutrition, mindfulness, movement, herbal medicine, and more! Good health is a lifelong journey, and enduring changes happen with patience, practice, accountability and support. You’ll find all this delivered with kindness by a full team of holistic health professionals.

You will find all this delivered with kindness by a fully accessible team of holistic health professionals. Health Coach Lindsey Carter, MA, NBC-HWC facilitates. Other instructors include Kate Mahood, LAc, herbalist/acupuncturist; Ileana Gonzalez, CAP + 500RYT; Michelle Lovely, NTP, LAc, nutritional therapist; and Jon Vander Vliet, movement coach.

Nutrition I & II:   Learn which nutrient-dense foods and simple lifestyle shifts will improve your health, well-being, and vitality for a lifetime. Boost your immunity, ease digestion and elimination, and keep your taste buds happy.

Movement I & II:  Movement is medicine.  And is more than something we can do outside of the gym or a fitness routine.  We will go over the four pillars of exercise:  stability, strength, aerobic training, and anaerobic training, and how  we can incorporate more movement into all the hours of our day, no matter how much time we have.

Mindfulness I & II:  "Inviting Sacred Ritual into your Kitchen" - Through daily routines and cues, we can transform even the most mundane daily activities to become sacred acts.We will explore the simple ways to make food an integral part of whatever your spiritual practice may be. Mindfulness II:  "How eating matters more than the what!"  We will discover how consistent habits can make a huge impact on our long term digestive health and wellbeing. 

East Asian Theory & Herbs:  Alignment with nature and the seasons is possibly the greatest gift you can give yourself.  We will learn the five phases  - also known as the Wu Hsing - in East Asian philosophy and explore how they directly support our daily wellbeing. We will explore the energy of natural foods relative to our unique bodies. Seasonal choices and natural herbal support to enhance our quality of life and the changes you're crafting for yourself. 

Health Coaching:  This is the glue of the dynamic program True Forks.  The art and wisdom laden process of health coaching will inspire the changes from within yourself! Yes - it really will.  

You will walk your unique path through out this cohort - and your full team will be right by your side to guide and listen and meet your where you are with the changes you seek to make.  Come find your unique TRUE FORK and see the changes that brings for you. 

The program also includes a 20 minute one-on-one session with EACH practitioner on the team to further personalize your program. That's five (5) personal private sessions to support your vision and relationships for your 'best life.' 

Investment for this 8 -week program is $650.00.

Meet The True Forks Team

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