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Integrative & Natural Medicine

Working Together as one collaborative team for your optimal health.

Health Coach, Nurse Practitioner, Nutritionist/Dietitian, East Asian Medicine Doc, Herbalist! 

We are all here and ready to serve your unique requests. 

Give Wellsview a call to book or schedule an Initial “Talk’nTea’ Session or a full “Collaborative Care” consult session on our App. Let’s talk and figure out the integrative treatment plan that will be effective for your optimal health. "You've got this," and we will be with you each step. Individual Appointments & Collaborative Appointments available.

Wellsview brings Western and Eastern medical traditions together in an Integrative way means that we work as your personal team - talking and meeting together to the degree that you want us to - to coordinate and provide your best health care.  Our western nurses and eastern docs are experienced practitioners aim to see you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and more closely aligned with your visions for your personal health and wellness.

Contact us today and let's get started.


Natural  Holistic Medicine

The best of western nursing and primary care services - with a careful lens for holistic and effective strategies. We'll meet you where you are and together create the personalized treatment plan that serves your vision for better health. We call it "Collaborative Care".

Book your appointment today. 

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Health Coaching

WellsviewCARE provides the team you need right here and now. With each collaborative care session, your integrative health team seeks to support your goals for optimal health and wellbeing. Sometimes it takes a coordinated and effective team to support your path. An experienced team skilled in both Eastern and Western medical, herbal and culinary traditions, plant-based herbal care, with knowledge of human nutrition and metabolic processes, Wellsview sets it all in a health coaching environment that is mutual, educational, nourishing, and maybe delightfully delicious too! Come see us at Wellsview.

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