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Wellsview Botanicals - INTENTIONAL BLENDS Tisane - Single Bag (2 oz)


"INTENTIONS" is Wellsview Botanical's line of herbal blends that, as a WellsviewCare member, you may purchase with confidence and safety to gently tend whatever may be going on for you. ... And of course our herbalists are here to guide your choices too. Any questions or suggestions please send us an email: bewell@wellsviewcare.com. Here’s to your tonic health! Similar to our larger size packages and box sets,  this item is a single bag of herbs for your decocting delight. Enjoy a single bag of our any of our Seasonal Teas/Tisanes or Intentional Tisanes without purchasing the full box sets and packages.  The bag makes about 20 servings of fresh raw herbal tisane to sip and enjoy.  (no caffeine, all organic and lab tested to be clean.)


Our Blends include tonics for

Muscle Cramps,


Each herb is lab tested, grown from certified organic farms and in sustainable methods.  Questions my be addressed to:  410-266-5608.


    Hand-crafted Herbal Tisanes
    Become an established client with our herbalist and obtain custom tinctures and herbal blends from our extensive herbal pharmacy with over 325 herbs. We also provide professionally formulated herbal blends to be used in intentional combinations to support all your days! Here’s our current line available - Let’s customize it for you..

    ALLAY — Soothes irritability and pain
    LUNAR CYCLES - easing irritability (and monthly tension for the ladies)
    EASE -  ease those tight cramping sensations
    RELEASE- allowing muscles and tendons to relax and recover

    REFRESH & FOCUS —  mental clari-tea / eases red eyes
    EYES BRIGHT -  nourishes vision and eyes

    RELAX & UNWIND — Release tensions and holding patterns
    HAPPINESS — tends and lifts your spirit
    TENDING HEARTS — Support heart and cardiovascular health
    PASSION PLUS — Love potion #1
    ABUNDANT EARTH — for deficient heat (quell the fire)
    CRAVE NO MORE — Support the withdrawal  and letting go

    BELLY BALM — Soothes the tummy
    SWEET BALANCE — Aids to Balance Blood Sugar
    REVIVE  - DIGESTIVES - no bloat/gas
    SLENDER ME—  support for weight loss and metabolism
    THE COW JUMPED OVER THE MOON: New momma and babe nourishment
    CORE CARE — Harmonizing bowels and bringing moisture for dryness

    DISSOLVE IT — Dissolves nodules and transforms phlegm and mucus
    GET CLEAR — Reduce heat, redness and congestion
    INVINCIBLE / SHIELD — An initial defense to pathogenic qi  - immunity
    CEANSE — To mildly clear toxins
    DEFLECT - immunity support / allergy support (elderberry?)
    INNER BEAUTY -  skin clarity and  lightens of spirit

    DEEPLY NOURISH — Strengthens and supports, tending tonic
    FORTITUDE — Supports and energizes - 'ener qi tea.'
    SLEEP WELL 1-  (mental restlessness)
    SLEEP WELL 2 -  (heat)
    CALM — Releasing nervousness and anxiety

    See also our Seasonal Subscription Box, available to support your mind/body/spirit through the changes of each season.

    To place your order, please give us a call or send us an email: bewell@wellsviewcare.com.


    There are no refunds on these products. If you're not satisfied, please give us a call so we may understand and make adjustments and mutually determine the best next steps. 410-266-5608.  Thank you.


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