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 Ayurveda - Traditional Indian Medicine

The Sanskrit word “Ayurveda” means the ‘science of life’ and is rooted in traditional medical practices of India.  Ayurveda is a comprehensive medical system that includes many facets of care. With each Ayurvedic experience, our practitioners customize the treatment session to meet your unique body’s needs. Wellsview integrates Ayurvedic food therapies into our "True Forks" curriculum and Ayurveda's medicinal herbal care within our Herbal offerings. Our intentions are for our clients to feel nourished and balanced in their whole being: body, mind and spirit - one with all of these modalities of Ayurveda. 

Marma Therapy

"Marma” points are considered “doorways” or “entry points” into our body’s inner pathways  of energy ("Nadis") – energy channels that allow Prana to flow through the spine, thereby nourishing the body and mind. 

When activated through gentle touch, the flow of Prana that travels from these points through the body, can have a profound healing effect. Marma therapy can offer an intuitive layer to spiritual practice, allowing the practitioner to connect on a deeper level through gentle, light self-touch. Touching a marma point changes the body’s biochemistry and has the potential to unfold healing on the subtlest levels of the body and mind.

Marma can actually alter consciousness, and change one’s awareness. From that place a person can move forward with self care, creativity, and renewed energy. This therapy is unique to Ayurveda, and can grant you a deeper connection with your whole self (body, mind, and spirit).

Lifestyle Mentoring

Take charge of your wellbeing. Anyone who suspects that their current routines and habits are not supporting their wellbeing or promoting long-term health. Most “modern” ailments, particularly the so-called Lifestyle Diseases, can be greatly mitigated by making small (or big) shifts in your lifestyle routines. If you are experiencing changes in your sleep, digestion, energy/vitality, or general wellbeing, then this type of appointment is right for you!

Image by Danilo Ćalić
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