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Saturday  December 02, 2023
1:30pm - 6:30pm

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming Winter Retreat. 

This retreat is designed for those interested in listening to their hearts and listening to your inner self. Come experience and learn ways to nourish your overall well-being. 


Take an afternoon just for you!

Join us on December 2, 2023. Connect with yourself and others in the Wellsview community to explore the theme of “Peace Within.” It is an afternoon to relax and enjoy each other’s presence and tend ourselves as Winter begins.  

We will learn a bit about the phenomena, western and eastern practices, including self-care techniques for the winter season.  We will listen and experience the magic of the Peter Hess singing bowls, and have opportunities for journaling, practicing ‘non-doing,’ and/or gentle creative endeavors too. You will have relaxing choices, times to stretch, and the opportunity to meet some of Wellsview’s team of practitioners. We will taste and enjoy fine soups and other nourishing delights, and together inaugurate the season’s Labyrinth of Light, with a winter walking meditation.



“Peace Within” Schedule: 

1:30 PM    Arrival/Greetings
1:45 PM    Welcome

2 PM    Introductions

2:20 PM    About Winter/Phenomena & SelfCare

3 PM    Sound Bath

4 PM    Open Time: Journaling/Craft/Non-doing

4:30 PM    Light Meal

5:15 PM    About the Labyrinth / Meditation

5:30 PM    Mindful Labyrinth Walk/FirePit/Delights

6:15 PM    Closing Session / Drawings

6:30 PM    Depart (with gift/goodies bag)

        (Subject to Change)

REGISTER in the WellsviewCARE App! or Email us at 

Space is limited.  Sign up today. 


Regular Rate ($125.00/Person)

(All inclusive with snacks & light meal (with gluten free and vegan options)) 

Retreat Guides

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