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Nutritional Therapy

A first step to better food choices, your finest nutrition, and overall health. Explore foods, their energetics, and qualities for health, as well as your unique relationship with food.


Customized Nutritional Plans

Wellsview offers several paths to meet your needs.  Our signature True Forks path is probably the best place to start! Join the next seasonal cohort and learn more.  

You will find your best personal strategies for your optimal health. Want help with weight and full body balance. Want to be effective using natural strategies of seasonal eating, or low glycemic meal planning? ... to explore metabolism enhancing herbs, food preparation skills training, and have an open exploration for positive relationships with food? Know we are here for you - in True Forks Wellsview's Coaching Program as well as through one-one personalized Nutritional Therapy and/or Clinical Nutritional Services -  we are your holistic health partners!

Shannon Costello, RDN

Celebrating a "Diet-free" - Plant-based life!

Wellsview Welcomes Shannon Costello to the Center for your nutritional care and guidance. She will be crafting some words about her practice to add here shortly. Please welcome Shannon. 




Michelle Lovely, LAc, NTP

"Be your own kind of beautiful at every age & size"

Everybody’s gotta eat. Let’s give your body the advantages it needs so you enjoy your optimal health today and tomorrow. I can help you:

  • Boost immunity

  • Ease digestion and elimination

  • Improve sleep quality & duration

  • Support cardiovascular health

  • Prevent or respond to a diagnosis

  • Eliminate or manage food allergies and sensitivities

  • Prepare for and recover from surgery

  • Replace nutrients depleted by medications

  • Embrace aging and stay physically active

  • Care for a loved one who is no longer fully able

  • Maintain your best possible body weight

  • Increase energy, vitality and longevity

Optimal health requires sincere willingness, practice, and a positive attitude. You can do it — and we’ll even keep your taste buds happy!

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