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Movement As Medicine & More!

Our fully credentialed and talented teachers will guide you through various experiential classes designed to meet you where you are, and leave you feeling even better... strengthened, restored, and lifted emotionally - to offset any "blahs" that may be showing up this time of year.


We are offering morning, mid-day and evening classes and are adding more to the schedule in the coming weeks, so make sure to check back for updates and new offerings that fit your specific goals and schedule. Not the typical "gym yoga and fitness," these classes will meet you where you are, and support your next steps for change with consistent movement toward your personal, unique health goals. 

Whether you are looking to get stronger and fitter; and/or if you are looking for ways to manage stress and move more mindfully, you can find the right class for you at Wellsview Cottage! 

Yoga Class


At Wellsview, we offer yoga that centers on whole body/mind wellness; It is yoga for your unique mind-body-spirit-one wellbeing balance.

Whatever your age, physical ability or health, come practice yoga’s powerful benefits with Wellsview's gentle approaches, and let's also learn to calm our hearts and minds. 

We are especially happy to welcome some new teachers this new year, and enhance our yoga offerings in 2023!  

Fitness "Pods"

Small group sessions where our fitness experts will safely guide you through exercises and targeted movements that will help you gain strength, tone the body, and get in shape, all while having lots of fun! 

This class is limited to 6 people, so bring your friends and have your own Fitness POD!

Image by Ambitious Creative Co.  - Rick Barrett
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Tai Chi

Learn ways to move energy in your body and surrounding field with this ancient Martial Arts practice designed to calm the spirit, increase muscle strength, and improve flexibility and tend your whole mindbodyspirit - one.

POUND Unplugged®

POUND Unplugged® balances focused, high-intensity exercises with restorative movements, rhythmic breathing and meditation.

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