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Hot Tips for Tenerife! 

What to wear? 

No need to pack any fancy, dressy clothing! This is a casual trip. 

Temperatures in Tenerife range from lows near 67/71, upward to highs of 72/85 degrees. 

We recommend clothing like shorts, pants, tees, sweatshirt(s), sandals etc. 

Recommended: a couple changeable beach wear sets. (Suit/towel/sun protections, etc.) for around beaches and pools. 

Recommended:  layering clothes to carry you comfortably from summer temps to the cool winter temps (near the top of El Teide - Spain’s highest mountain peak).  It can be in the 30’s/40’s up there even in Summertime. Layer up! 

Scarfs are important in the Canary Islands. The island usually always have an ocean breeze. 

Recommended:  Rain gear for episodic showers. Yes it can happen. 

Prepare to carry your passport regularly for access in some areas, as well as nuts/snacks/treats since mealtimes are definitely different than our usual. 


Q & A Tenerife!

Let us know your question too. Send us an email!

Is a Visa Required: 

No visa is required to visit Spain for less than three months. You do need your current passport and drivers license. 

Do I need special shots to go? 

No special vaccinations are needed. 

What about travel insurance? 

Travel insurance is desired and highly recommended to prevent any mishaps. Each participant is recommended to purchase their own insurance. Wellsview assumes no liability for any aspect of this trip. 

What do I do in case of an emergency? 

112 is the equivalent to 911 in Tenerife;


How do i communicate there? 

Spanish is the main language, however many folks know and speak English too. 

What do I need to do to prepare for this trip financially? 

We recommend you speak to your Bank and let them know your travel plans. This can assure your credit cards will not be stopped for fraud alerts etc when you're in a new place. Otherwise prepare as you would for other trips.

Tenerife uses the EURO (€).  It is always smart to bring some cash with you.  Depending on the current exchange rate, it may be simpler to withdraw cash from ATMs - you get more EUROS from your Dollars (Usually the bank fee is less than any commission for exchanging currencies, fyi).

Discover Cards and AMEX are not widely accepted in Spain. Visa and MC are though. 

Will my phone work? 

We recommend you talk with your cell phone provider, roaming charges can be excessive. Most telecom companies will work with you to be sure you have an option that works abroad. (AT&T for example has a $10 a day charge that gives you unlimited call/txt/and data use.)


Can you tell me more about the hotel?

Rooms are normal hotel rooms.  Our stay will include a full breakfast every morning.  Any specific requests (separate beds, single occupancy, or anything else) must be made at time of booking. Please let us know immediately what your needs may be.

The hotel is located on a vibrant part of town and right in the water with access to the approx. 6 miles ocean side promenade where you can walk, jog, or just contemplate the scenery. The hotel has lots of amenities and shopping opportunities nearby. (The island has very competitive pricing so bargains abound).  The resort has a large pool  and waterfall, as well as a natural sea-water pool on the ocean side.  There are several restaurants within the hotel complex (including a one Michelin star restaurant) and lots of options around this urban center for your 'free' / 'rest' days.

Is there Uber in Tenerife? 

Uber is not a thing in Tenerife (not yet anyway). however,  taxis can be scheduled beforehand (hotel reception can help you with that). Thankfully, they are typically  not too expensive.

Any Hot Tips? 

If you enjoy amusement parks, Siam Park is a short taxi ride away and it has been voted #1 Water Park in the world for the 9th year in a row! Some may want to do a "Rest" day there!?

Tell me more about the meals and foods?

All meals during excursions are included in your fare. Appetizers are typically served 'family' style for all to share.  Entrees and desserts will be a la carte to order.  Any special meal requests (vegan, gluten free…) should be made in advance by the first evening at the welcome dinner.

We are happy to contact the restaurants and advise them and assure you're comfortable. 

       All meals will have water, sodas, beer and wine included. 

Tell me more about the excursions:

Transportation provided will have scheduled stops for snacks, bathroom breaks and sightseeing. It will be fun and informal and we will be responsive to each other's needs. 

All activities are time scheduled so if you decide to wander around on your own, please make sure you are back to the vans/vehicles as requested. We don't want to leave you behind! 

Comfortable shoes are a must (sneakers / hiking boots are very useful for hiking and walking around). Flip-flops/sandals are good for the beach and in the hotel, (not so good for walking around the villages (cobbled stones) and the lunar landscape of Teide National Park, fyi.)

What are some surprises for some visitors? 

      Water is not potable on most parts of the island, so water bottles are a common sight and widely available. Sorry it's not the most ecologically friendly reality. 

      Beaches and pools are topless allowed. 

      Electricity is 220V, DOUBLE that of the USA. So electronics only work if you have a special transformer. Only phone chargers and the like work fine - with a special adapter (commonly available at the airports, and shops once you're there). Then the wall sockets will serve. 

Who is our Lead Guide? 

Victor Rodriguez was born and raised on Tenerife! He still calls it home in many ways and enjoys seeing his family there along the way. (They may join us for a meal two as well.)  Victor is a Nationally Registered and Maryland Licensed Paramedic, and works with Anne Arundel County, in Maryland. (We hope we never need his skills on this journey.) Victor will provide his phone number to each of us to assure clear communications. You can email any questions:

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