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This Page is currently under construction! Please stay tuned for more details as they are finalized.  We anticipate flying to the UK near May 22nd and returning in the first week of June 2023 for about a 12-14 day journey. We seek to keep all rates as reasonable as possible and build in rest days too. It is a Wellsview Retreat.... You can trust we will set a comfortable and delightful pace!  We are planning to explore natural landscapes, with gentle hikes, visit a few historic sites, and of course celebrate wonderful local cuisine and fine beverages.

Send us a note with our newsletter subscription request below - to help us keep you informed as the trip develops....

Plane on Runway


Getting There & Transportation

Stay tuned for more information on flights and ground transportation. Coming Soon.


Places to See & Things to Do!

We are planning on staying in Stirling, and making day trips to explore beautiful Edinburgh, Wallace Monument, Stirling & Edinburgh Castles, Loch Loss, Loch Menteith and other beautiful places. After a bit of time there, we will journey off to the Isle of Mull & Iona, and up to Skye and the National Botanical Gardens - not to be missed! We will definitely be finding Standing Stones and other mystical delights along the way as well! Tastes of the lands too.... 



Where we will stay...

We like to settle in a place for a min of two nights - like this lovely B and B near Iona. We're hoping for a block or rooms at Stirling's Highland Hotel for the beginning of the trip, and others along the way. We typically build "rest days" of free time for all into all of Wellsview's retreats. We will pace ourselves, offer retreat experiences like none other, and enjoy the moments along the way!


Join Us! Here's how to sign up. 

We hope you will plan to join us. Stay tuned for more details and how to officially register for this Retreat. Please send us an email at the address below to let us know you are interested in leaning more and possibly coming. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Image by Gabriel McCallin
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