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       At Wellsview, we provide optimal holistic healthcare services, enabling your personal best in health and well-being. Our goal is to foster gentle, effective changes with partnership and joyful practice - supporting your health choices through every season. It's our philosophy that by tending yourself, you bring health to your family, community and the world too! It's hardly "selfish!"

        We accept health insurance for some of our services, offer affordable cash options,  and are happy to meet over video or in person (safely of course). Contact us today and "Fall" into some healthy rhythms for yourself this autumn-time.


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Your Partners in Health

Your body is unique and amazing, we are here to offer natural reminders  to stay healthy and get well in every season. 

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Care from both Eastern and Western Medicine traditions -  to provide unique, safe & effective care for you



Your choice of private or clinic style sessions, from our credentialed team of Licensed Acupuncturists

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Herbal Medicine

We grow, cultivate and curate the finest herbs in house to enable your wellness, safely and naturally.


Food Therapy

Find your "True Fork," connections with your local organic farmers, cooking classes, and personalized support to foster healthy and mindful relationships with foods.


Sound Therapy

Relax and meditate at Wellsview with Himilayan singing bowls that uniquely help relieve stress and promote good vibrations, or book personal Biofield Tuning sessions or Sound Massage.


Mental Health 

Wellsview is your safe place to learn to be your best self, and build trustful relationships with our licensed counselors and therapists.

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Massage Therapy

Let our licensed massage therapists help ease your muscles, sinews and tendons to wonderful relaxation, and manual therapies like gua sha & cupping. 

"It's wonderful at Wellsview! I start relaxing as soon as I pull in their driveway! Their spaces are so lovely and relaxing - such an important part of every treatment. Thank you!"

Carolyn T.


Personal Fitness

Our personal fitness trainer is here to help you reach your physical goals, with fun too, no matter where you are on the path


We believe each body is capable of so many wonderful things, including finding its balance when we listen and care for it with natural reminders. Our team can assist you with your wellness goals through holistic services that support your unique vision for your mind/body/spirit.

Wellsview is a complete 'ecosystem' dedicated to your wellbeing. We offer the best  holistic, sustainable, and personalized healthcare in town - in one place!