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Reiki, a Japanese word meaning “universal energy,” is a gentle, hands-on healing technique. It provides a form of electromagnetic energy that moves and supports your personal energy field as needed to promote healing and wellness. Reiki is an evidence-based approach that supports mind, body, and spirit. Benefits include preventing and recovering from dis-ease, stress reduction, pain relief, mood elevation, improved calm and focus, and more. With each reiki experience, Madeleine listens to you and customizes your session to meet your unique needs.

Wellsview is pleased to welcome Madeleine Parsell, Bachelors of Science, Special Educator, and Reiki Master in Usui & Karuna Reiki to the team!


Madeleine works closely with her clients to set meaningful intentions for each reiki session, during which clients often report feeling warm, radiant energy throughout the body. Crystals, meditation music, and essential oils are often used in Madeleine’s sessions to promote relaxation and healing. She is an active listener with a passion to help people on their pathway to wellness.

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